DenTek Digital Graphic Design

Ideal for your dental business

Our creative designers not only have the know-how to make your website look visually outstanding, they have the focus on your key business objectives as the underlying purpose of your marketing goals; this being attracting new patients, up-selling private treatments, converting enquiries into patients, and or generating  promotional materials for advanced treatments.

Regardless of the type of marketing material, whether it’s a leaflet, flyer or an advert to be designed DenTek Digital firstly ensures that the material adequately and effectively reflects your practice. In doing so, they keep in check four key elements namely; Professionalism; Accuracy; Engaging; and Attractiveness.

DenTek Digital provides a full service digital campaign with tailored campaign concepts suitable for your business goals. We do this by applying the latest consumer and design movements from start to finish

Designing (Landing Pages + Visual & Brand Design)

With our skilled team on board, we will innovatively develop a unique visual language to market your practice in a way that is elite to your brand, with detail on the various treatments you provide. We will develop such language through the initial design of your website, landing pages, campaign branding and visualising. Our pioneering designers will use a combination of colour, design, graphics and imagery to help establish not only a distinct visual style for your brand, but also one which is primarily patient lead generating.

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Creating(Graphics Design + Logo + Photography )

We design websites, landing pages, campaign branding and visualizing. With our very skilled creative team, we will create a clear visual language to market your practice and the different in depth treatments you provide. Through a blend of color and design, and with our amazing creative designers we create a series of visual packages not only make your brand stand out, but also most importantly generates patients leads.

Keep patients clued in and create your own brand ambassadors with bespoke designers:

  • Logos
  • Adverts
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets and booklets
  • Patient record folders
  • Practice stationary
  • Referral cards
  • Integrity
  • Appointment cards
  • Registration forms